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An Exciting Future Ahead......


$2,314,756 raised

$5,000,000 goal


Transforming Lives and Building Dreams Capital Campaign

We are pleased to announce that Spanish River Christian School is poised to embark on a new stage of development. In the summer of 2021, our goal is to break ground on a much-needed new building. This two-story building will house an indoor cafeteria, administrative offices, a new art studio, conference rooms, and additional classrooms. It will allow us to expand and improve existing programs and increase school safety and security. The leadership of Spanish River Church and the SRCS School Board have been working tirelessly to assess the need and the positive impact this new facility would have on our campus.

With the Lord’s blessing, and through the diligence of board members, administrators, faculty, and staff who seek to honor God, SRCS has transformed the lives of thousands of students and families. We are asking you to join us by supporting this campaign to make this important new building a reality for our current students and generations to come.

For thirty-six years, Spanish River Christian School (SRCS) has been enriching minds, engaging hearts, and empowering leaders to impact the world for Christ. Founded in 1982 by pastor Dr. David Nicholas and Spanish River Church, SRCS has been on a mission to educate preschool through 8th grade students spiritually, socially and academically. Through a program of academic excellence, artistic engagement, and athletic distinction, the School develops its students in mind, body, and character into young people who are ready and able to make a positive difference in the world around them. Anchored in a long-standing commitment to honor, respect, and persevere, SRCS has always been led by an extraordinary faculty that has ensured the school’s excellence and has been a cornerstone of the experience.

Today, more than forty administrators and teachers bring their expertise, their commitment, and their care to every conversation and every teaching moment -- in classrooms and labs, in Chapels and on stages, on playing fields, and beyond -- to ensure that our students develop into the best versions of themselves. SRCS has graduated over a thousand students since its first 8th grade graduating class in 1998, and local high schools refer to our graduates as the “complete package.” SRCS students are known for being intelligent, articulate, and compassionate leaders. The administration, faculty, and staff continue the legacy of spiritual leadership and academic excellence for all of the students who walk through our doors.

This improvement will enhance the safety and security of the entire SRCS community and improve both the student and visitor experience. The safety and security of our students is a top priority, and we have put in place many security measures over the past eighteen years. The recent incidents of violence occurring all over the country involving schools, and a recent campus active threat assessment at SRCS, has prompted us to move forward with plans for an indoor cafeteria. Since 1997, students have been eating snacks and lunches in our outdoor pavilion. With no access control or barrier to isolate the children from a threat, it was recommended that we relocate these activities to an interior location to reduce the children’s exposure. Inclement weather (heavy rain, lightning, extremely cold or hot days) is also a threat to student safety when eating outdoors. The new cafeteria will also double as an auditorium space when needed, thus creating a more functional space on campus.

In addition to achieving better security for our students, this new building will allow us to have a larger art studio, which will free up space in our elementary school for another Preschool (3-year-old) class to be formed. Also, four new state-of-the-art classrooms will be constructed upstairs in this new building to support our robust academic programs. Lastly, the new building will feature a new Welcome Center on the Yamato Road side of campus, which will house the Main Office and Admissions Office. This will achieve a main entry point onto campus for students and visitors while also expanding conference room space for the administration, staff, and teachers.

As alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, and friends of SRCS reflect on the time they have spent on campus, they speak of profound personal and spiritual development and life-long relationships, describing changes that may not have been possible somewhere else. That development and growth occurred as a result of the people and caring sense of community that are uniquely present here. This campaign will make these life-changing transformations possible for current and future generations of students. We ask you to join us in making this important project a reality.


Checks may be mailed to: Spanish River Christian School, Attn: Cheryl Burdin, 2400 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431.


Brockerage Name: Raymond James

Broker Contact: Sam Rine 561-366-4652

DTC #: 0725

Account #: 553F1764 (The account is in the name of Spanish River Presbyterian Church, Inc.)


Bank Name: Bank of America, NA
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Acct # 898052332750
ABA# for Credits - 026009593

ACH Transfer funds

Routing number 063100277
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A donation of $6,000 will help us pave the walkways leading to the north and south entrances of the new building with an engrave brick. Inscribed on the brick will be the name designated by the giving family or individual.


An individual commitment of $1,000-$5,000 will receive a brass leaf to be placed on a branch of our existing "Giving Tree" in the main hallway of Building E. Inscribed on the leaf will be the name designated by the giving family or individual.